brand story

Hi! I'm Alison. I'm a full time mom, engineer and business owner. I was on my maternity leave and 8 months pregnant with my baby girl when I created this store, which is why the logo looks like a pregnant figure. The Amazon store is launched in April 2021 but I wanted to have more control of my brand so I created this website on October 2021. So we are pretty new!

I was diagnosed with pre-natal depression, anxiety, and trauma at certain point of my life. I want to be able to make a positive impact and serve others the way others have done for me. I breastfeed and also support formula. I see there are so many negative connotations on formula feeding by choice so I want to support them because a mother's mental health is also as important as the baby's wellbeing.

I have a thing for pearls and shiny stuff but in a very particular way. I find no place fulfills my desire on that so I created my own. 

My baby is thriving, I am surviving and I'm on Instagram so why don't you come on *cups hand wave inward* and join me in this journey?@pearlbaby.official